Here is incomplete lists of software I developed or contributed to.


Cdist is configuration management system. It allows me to write simple shell code, describing what system configuration I want some ssh-accessible system to have, and — magic — cdist makes it happen.

I maintain Debian packaging of Cdist,

git clone

configuration of my computers

git clone

and ocassionally contribute minor fixes back into upstream [1]

6d277ef1 New type: __dot_file
c4c2d45e New type: __hosts
1875bce5 Add support for guixsd into os explorer
b1152464 Include relicense agreements
ffc3451c GPLv3+ relicensing: Ricardo Catalinas
88ec06d0 new type: __hosts
7d6990d9 By default, package is not autoremoved, if it either suggested or recommened, but not is dependency for some other.  With this change, either package is dependency of manually installed, either is is subject to autoremove.
10735ffb Description: Fix spelling in manuals
[1]Yes, I am ashamed of my spelling. But there is no way to change history.


runit is a collection of tools to provide system-wide service
supervision and to manage services.  Contrary to sysv init, it not
only cares about starting and stopping services, but also
supervises the service daemons while they are running.  Amongst
other things, it provides a reliable interface to send signals to
service daemons without the need for pid-files, and a log facility
with automatic log file rotation and disk space limits.

I took over runit Debian package since version 2.1.2-4 from upstream developer, Gerrit Pape. On path to runit_2.1.2-9, which is now drop-in replacement for sysvinit, there were

  • developed two auxiliary debhelpers — dh-runit and dh-sysuser, to make integration with runit as painless, as possible
  • made huge mistake, which made transition from 2.1.2-6 to 2.1.2-7* require manual tweaking of dpkg files. I am sorry.
  • made a lot of lesser errors, bad design solutions and so on.

There is still a lot to do, but after release of Debian 9, I plan to finally push runit into Pre-Depends of init binary package, make it first-class Debian boot system.

I consider this work my most significant project. My contribution to a war aganist systemd. I feel sorry that systemd is Free Software. It feels a bit like a civil war.

Other Debian packages

This QA page will give an overview of packages I maintain, but do ignore haskell packages — I am still listed as uploader, but I am not active on Debian Haskell Group for at least year.


List of all my repositories can be viewed on Alioth. Some of them are referenced in my other blog posts, others... well, feel free to clone and hack around.