The only reliable way to contact me is email: Note, that I process email at most once every 24 hours, so do not expect instant reply.

When you send email to me, use GPG encryption. If you do not know how, take a look at email self-defence guide. Here is my key, which you should use to encrypt email, which you send to me:

sec   4096R/788BE01254B7F00D 2012-11-02 [expires: 2018-08-11]
      Key fingerprint = D1E0 591E 0037 BDCC BEE5  6002 788B E012 54B7 F00D
uid                          Dmitry Bogatov <>
ssb   4096R/3922EF7BAF254F39 2012-11-02

It is available on key servers

$ gpg --recv-keys D1E0591E0037BDCCBEE56002788BE01254B7F00D

or can be downloaded from this website in armored form and imported in command line:

$ gpg --import kaction.gpg.txt


Very rarely I appear on as kaction-guest, and even more rarely I appear as kaction on, since I am banned from it for being Tor exit node.


If you for some reason want to grant me remote access to your machine, add following line (raw version) into your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDCJJaew6bctSSjZNo23j68qI5alfrdtIx4MZmjvhGaumhN7q6sZiLxjwRAV5kxivcI+1TpC9r9SN4EzL1E8j6vIZ6PWRfahq+CEp16ZiZc9lAzi2VAEn/4FJXm4H/06SBjfU0uJ35YtEik/SpqxkpkM8ns51RbBMvBYPgceuzVRn3raoC7ESEtc93OaQYXy5XLT/u/QwRrvXs3XlXQbKfedS6v9H5YSKpmXa3RU3O9SNAY3E5evQu+qjp90zHFIpnMEbbSEs3NVWUO332K97GHIPqSi1vdTQLx//b5pUBXuOYDiYXj3FiW98ps7jaV5D3+h1yN3+whrByajlVgp/YR /home/kaction/.ssh/id_rsa


If everything else fails, you can call at +7 925 739 00 02. Surely, it is unreliable, costly and rude method of contacting a person.