About me

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Hello! My name is Dmitry Bogatov and here is my place in Web; just static pages — no damned javascript, no stupid “web-applicatiions”, no tracking, no cookies. I did my best to eliminate every piece of JavaScript, even free one, but browsing with JavaScript disabled is always good idea. I recommend w3m browser.

Who am I?

  • Free Software programmer, supporter and, to some extend, activist. Everything I develop myself is license under GNU GPLv3+. I do not install any non-free software. No proprietary drivers, too! Unfortunately, JavaScript is another, painful story.
  • Teacher. I post-graduated at Moscow State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, and currently make my living teaching mathematics and programming private lessons for school and graduate students. I have to admit, that none of my programming students became Free Software contributors, as far as I know.
  • Esperantisto. I would not say I do much for movement, but I do speak esperanto, take part in events and do my best to convey thought, that there is still no international general-purpose language. English is fine between us, programmers, but by no means is general-purpose.

What else do I support?

  • Privacy. Privacy is important. For some time I did my best to anonymous and not have network identity. Unfortunately, this closed-world assumption did not work well for me. Too few of us remember, that the main and the only true communication method is email. But I still reject all those proprietary message programs, browse over Tor, block tracking and use different for different websites and do my best to share as little of my private information, as possible.
  • Anarchy and human rights. Probably, my anarchist stance is not steady enough, but I do oppose every compromise in favor of “interests of state” or “state security”. I want something (state, for example) to protect me from murder and robbery; I will take care of rest.
  • Vegetarianism. Current state of ethics consider the life of ultimate value, and I can’t agree more. Well, life of human being, but can you prove that life of any human being is more valuable then life of, let’s say, a cow?... As such, I do not permit meat in my home.
  • Minimalism. I dislike photos, toys, souvenirs, pictures and other. I dislike bloated software.